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Our Company is historically known for its various contracting projects throughout the Middle East.
Greenline has signed a collaboration agreement with a top 5 greek construction company. Details to follow soon.
Message from the Management

The journey we embarked upon many years ago, as Greenline, has been, to say the least, an extraordinary one.

Since 1964, and throughout the years, we continuously strived to provide the best service to our clients by applying the best technology available and adopting the highest quality levels of management. We are proud, therefore, to see today that Greenline has effectively become one of the leading companies in the area, in our historical fields of specialties. In truth, we owe our thanks to the many clients of our company for their continual support and confidence. But our success could not have been achieved without the positive contribution of our senior and middle management, as well as important efforts of our general staff and laborers. Their invaluable and able support and their sense of fraternity, demonstrated at every level, has played a crucial part in our success. We also would like to thank our suppliers who wholeheartedly assisted us in our business success and helped us become a major player in our various business lines. As for the future, there is very little doubt in our mind that Greenline’s achievements of tomorrow will surpass its achievements of yesterday. We plan to dynamically and competitively provide the best and most reliable quality service possible and we plan to do so efficiently, pro actively, FASTER, SMARTER and BETTER. We also intend to expand in to new business lines through strategic alliances, be it a representation or a joint venture, with world-class international companies and expert professionals, most notably in the fields of special Civil Engineering, Electro Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunication, Marine Construction as well as oil and gas. In parallel, we will constantly learn, adopt and integrate into our business systems new ideas and cutting edge technical advances which will improve our overall performance and maximize our efficiency and competitiveness. At the same time, we will continually strengthen, yet streamline, our company’s internal management, by upgrading and updating our systems, procedures, information technologies and internal monitoring capabilities.

Since our external success depends on our internal force-our people – we are also committed to constantly upgrade our staff forces technical knowledge and capability and to foster employee initiative, positive communication and inter – activity, as well as internal transparency and team work, in such a way as to retain, and attract, the best talents to our team, thereby allowing us properly, positively and efficiently realize our vision. We plan to continually grow and gain market share, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk tolerance, efficiently maximizing our return on investment, maintaining solid financial stability and promoting steady and healthy financial growth.

We will work hard to succeed but we will also maintain a positive, happy and upbeat work environment to all, where all employees, our TEAM members, are highly rewarded for their positive initiative and contribution, year after year. During the coming years, we will continue to strive for excellence as we continue to grow our various business lines, and as we strengthen the solid bonds that have always kept our team solidly united together. Simply put, we foresee a brilliant future for GREENLINE!!!
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