The journey we embarked upon many years ago, as Greenline, has been, to say the least, an extraordinary one.

Since 1964, and throughout the years, we continuously strived to provide the best service to our clients by applying the best technology available and adopting the highest quality levels of management. We are proud, therefore, to see today that Greenline has effectively become one of the leading companies in the area, in our historical fields of specialties. In truth, we owe our thanks to the many clients of our company for their continual support and confidence. But our success could not have been achieved without the positive contribution of our senior and middle management, as well as important efforts of our general staff and laborers. Their invaluable and able support and their sense of fraternity, demonstrated at every level, has played a crucial part in our success…


Greenline has historically executed projects valued at over USD 850,000,000.00 throughout the region.

A few of these projects are listed below